Listen My Beloved…


High Dive

I feel like this kid on the end of the diving board!  Not sure if I’m going to be caught or sink like an anchor in the water.  I can hear my Father coaxing…”It’s alright…I will get you…I will uphold you…come on…”

Still…I keep practicing holding my breath – but I can only do that so long before I start  hyperventilating.

So – here I am, crawling out onto the edge, standing on my feet, and counting to three.

One – “Lord, I wait eagerly for You.

Two – “Your Name – even Your memory – is the desire of my heart.

Three – “My spirit within me seeks only You diligently…”  Isaiah 26:8,9

One step and I am in a free fall entering into a new chapter of my life filled with praying, writing conferences, webinars, research, research, research, consults, more praying…and much trusting in the guidance of the Almighty.  I’m not sure of His plan — but He is.

So a new website has been started with the purpose of sharing the hand of God in the ordinary and extraordinary of life.  A chance to, perhaps, hone our listening skills as He uses every opportunity to reveal Himself, and then to be changed by Grace.

This endeavor is quite a jump, considering I was born in the days when learning the Dewey decimal system was a challenge.  I am learning, though, and thank you for your patience as I continue to make this a user friendly website.  In a few weeks, I will begin teaching a brand new Lifegroup women’s Bible study at our church, I can’t wait to share those lessons with you here.

Be sure to click on the Caring Bridge Journal that records my walk through a life threatening illness and the subsequent medical treatment.  I found myself reading it again these past few weeks, reduced to a puddle of tears remembering God’s constant presence those years.  If you are struggling, I pray it will encourage you.

This first post represents taking that final step off the board.  I look forward to seeing how God uses this site for His kingdom.


I would be so honored to have you join me!  Enter your e-mail in the upper right hand corner and we can stay connected as God begins to do a new work. Also, if you are on Twitter, connect with me – @DebbieMaulsby

Please enter comments as often as you like – I would love to hear how God is moving in your corner of the world as well.

He calls us, Dear Ones.   He draws us.  I pray for sensitive ears and a willing heart – I don’t want to miss a word He has to say as He begins, “Listen, My Beloved…”

“May the beloved of the Lord dwell in security by Him…” Deut. 33:12a


Wife, mother, grandmother...Writer, teacher, Lover of the Word. In a constant state of being amazed by His forgiveness and kindness. Even after knowing Him for almost 50 years - His Grace surprises and refreshes. His Mercies are new every morning.

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