Between A Rock and A Holy Place

It’s Five Minute Friday and this is my first post from the new website.  It’s all so new and I am still learning how to link up my old blog ( ) to this new website, but I am excited to have it up and going.

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Writing can be so serious – so she set aside Fridays for fun. She chooses a word prompt – then five minutes of edit free, chain of thought kind of writing – for anyone who wants to link up and log on.

So here we go — prompt this week –


He fell this week, her daddy.  I just found out today and I would like to rush to the hospital, but there is much confusion and possible heartbreak on the way.  But she is at peace – she said that – and I take comfort in knowing she is telling me the truth.


His age  prevents surgery to repair the broken hip…He is frail but he is comfortable.  This WWII vet who fought for his country and flew in the skies, lies in a bed, heavily medicated. He has been “In between” war and peace, fighting and silence, guns and oceans – now he is in between sedation and reality.

But mostly he is in between life and Life.

Just like the rest of us.  Bodies bind us here to earth and atmosphere, spirits yearn for higher places.  We are in between our purpose and the fulfillment of His purpose.

His first wife has been with Jesus these past 7 years.  He misses her and there is a chance, as there always is with falls and old bones, that he might see her soon.  His heart torn between devotion for his daughter and the promise of reunion with his wife.

We pray for healing if that is the Lord’s design, and at the same time we hold close to the knowledge that He might need to be our comfort in grief.  And He will be – He stands “In between” us and our grief – He blankets it with Himself…and Hope.

So, she is at peace – and it comforts me that God has covered her so well during this in between time for her of clutching her daddy’s hand and releasing it.  He knows that we do not have the capacity to understand Eternity yet – so He graciously draws us to His heart and His love spills over and drenches us in His grace so that we can bear the “In Between.”

And there is no better place to be in our “hello’s” and “good-bye’s”, our living and our dying – than stuck “In Between” the Rock and His Grace.


Five Minute Friday

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  1. June 28

    Hi Debbie! I am here from FMF.

    What a situation…it’s so hard to be in that ‘In Between’ sometimes. Your friend seems so at peace, as you said. What a witness to becoming comfortable with whatever God decides.

    Nice to ‘meet’ you!

    Peace in Christ,

    • Thank you so much for your comment – He is indeed faithful in any situation. Nice to ‘meet’ you, as well!

  2. June 28

    Beautiful – so very poignant. Grateful to have shared these five minutes with you.

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