The Gate Beautiful

It’s Five Minute Friday again with  That place where she posts a prompt, then hundreds of us sit down and write five minutes – unedited, no tweaking or self critiquing.

The  prompt this week: BEAUTIFUL.  (full disclosure  – I insert pictures after the five minutes is up!)


I’ve never seen it, but it is Beautiful.

Beautiful Gate

I’ve never stood on the steps leading up to it, but some used to lay in front of it; not that they wouldn’t have been happy to have been up and walking, they just couldn’t because there was something wrong with them.

Maybe they were blind, or ill, some might have had deformities, others couldn’t walk.  But they all needed help, and since The Gate Beautiful – or Beautiful Gate – was a widely trekked area, family members and friends would carry them to its steps so they could beg for just a mite of food or money from hoards of souls who crossed that threshold into the outer courts of the temple.  One lame beggar in particular was brought every day to the gate.

Jesus walked through it – often.  Up the steps, past the beggars, and into the outer courts of the temple.  I am sure those unfortunates had seen Jesus walk past them.  Perhaps those gathered wondered why they received no healing, when all He had to do was reach out a hand and they would be able to see, or walk, or live well.

He, however, acts solely out of a higher plan – a higher call.  Sometimes it is for the greater good that we continue in whatever heartbreak is ours.  It is not about us – it is about His glory.  But it can be hard to understand why healing for others, and not us.

But there is only One who knows the end from the beginning – and He sees us – in our pain and hopelessness.  If He allows us to linger in it – there is purpose in it – there is healing offered – it might just look different than we expected.  And come from someone we weren’t expecting.

Miracle at the Gate

So “in the name of Jesus Christ,” God, DID heal that one crippled beggar on those steps.  But He did it through Peter and it caused quite a stir.

In His higher plan, He placed a miracle inside of a miracle.  A walking, leaping and praising wonder who could point to a Risen Healer – One who is alive, not dead.  (Acts 3:6)

It would have been easy for Jesus to breathe Life into the crippled beggar as He walked past him when He was alive.

However, Christ intended his healing to be for a greater good. For a show of His power and might after He conquered death.  A story of a lame beggar that would have such impact on the world, it would be told for thousands of years to come.

A story of an Overcomer, who sees our predicament and makes us new – feet and all.

And THAT is just beautiful – no matter what gate you’re sitting on.


Five Minute Friday

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  1. July 5

    Thank you! As a mama to a baby with undiagnosable disabilities, this really blessed me! Came over from FMF. Have a great weekend!

    • Lyndse, thank you for your kind words! I had a disease that went undiagnosed for 25 years – then treatment on top of that. It is so hard, and I am sure it is especially hard when it is a beloved child. I am going to pray for you as soon as I am finished typing – that the Lord would empower you, strengthen you, and hide you with His holy hand in the cleft of the rock. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. July 5

    What a beautiful post! Thanks for the encouragement it offers.

  3. July 5

    Wow…just beautiful. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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