Swept Off Our Feet


“How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of the
messenger who brings good news.” Isaiah 52:7

James initiative


Thirty three years ago, I couldn’t wait to count them – tiny toes. I imagined many times over nine months what they would look like – precious little feet formed by God. When the nurse placed her and her tiny feet into our arms – she swept us off of ours.

baby feet

We prayed over her and for her – stood before a church family and dedicated those darling feet, and the body connected to them, back to the One who formed them. As if she was ever ours to begin with. As if our plans and hopes for her could ever have been greater than the ones He had in mind. But we did it, anyway, a reminder to us, and all those around us, that we never had any doubt Whose she was. Or how much He, Himself, loved those feet.

We kept an eye on those feet as they danced and tumbled, swam and cheered. One life altering day while she was at camp, He began a stirring in her heart and those 6 year old feet marched straight to the feet of her Maker and said, “Yes, I’m Yours.” And HE swept HER off of her feet.

He said, “Serve.” She said, “Let’s go!”

So she has – all her life – at school, with her friends, during church camps and VBS, to garbage dumps in Mexico. There is no getting missions out of her soul – not that we would want to. And the three little sets of “grand-feet” that she and her husband have blessed us with – they, too, have hearts and feet to bring Good News.

Now, in the turnings of time and the Providence of God, He draws her to a week in Ethiopia. And, God forgive us, but her father, brother and I drew in our breath and never let it out when she told us at a Sunday family dinner. Because how can you protect little feet all their life to just turn them loose in a land surrounded by civil wars, raided villages, war-torn cities? How, I ask you? I don’t know – I haven’t done it yet.

ethiopa 1

But she knows the Lord’s voice – and He has called her to bring Good News to the orphans. How could I ever get in the way of the blessings He has planned through her and for her?

Jennah Maryn

If I tried, He, Himself would subdue me – because I do not have the authority to delegate where He sends her. She is His, not mine.

But it is startlingly clear that when God calls a heart to an unknown place, He calls the ones who love them to an unknown place, as well.

He calls her to be His hands and feet in an unfamiliar country.

He calls us to a faith big enough to surrender her to Him, again and always.

He calls us to a place past our fears and beyond our reasonings, where the urgency to bring Him to all nations rings louder and more true than the apprehension of the moment.

So we will – relinquish her into His keeping.

Because how could we sit in comfort knowing the Good News, and not be stirred by the reality of children sleeping in streets, unaware that there even IS Good News?

ethiopia feet

So, we here left behind that week in September, will probably spend most of it at the feet of Good News, Himself, expecting peace and receiving it.

And He will carry her, and the ministry she travels with, to faraway places where babies wait to feel His touch, through her – where children, who have no parents, wait to be told they belong to a family with a great Father, through her – where she will find more blessings than she could have imagined – and the safest place she could be is at His feet in a different land – tending to orphaned babies’ feet.

James initiative


“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep,

to gain that which he cannot lose”

Jim Elliot


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  1. Peggy Mills
    July 22


  2. Patty kirk
    September 12

    Wow! How beautifully put! Prayers your way.

    • Debbie
      September 12

      Thank you Patty–we appreciate so much being covered in prayer! Thank you for blessing us!!

  3. Loretta
    September 12

    Praying for Jennah’s amazing opportunity to be blessed & be a blessing to Gods children. We look forward to hear what God does in this special journey of love. Thank you Debbie!

    • I know Loretta – it is such an amazing opportunity for God to work in her and through her. I can’t wait to hear all the stories. Love you!

  4. September 12

    It is most difficult for a parent to send their child out to a foreign nation for ministry. We had to watch as both Shanna and Jony go to the remote hills of Mexico, to Brazil, and to India for almost 2 weeks. The remote part of India was fraught with men and submachine guns, lawlessness, and unsanitary conditions. But they both were in their second year of internship, and went out of obedience. All we could do was stand with them and pray every day. I mean, this was my only son, and my youngest daughter…very tough. Yet God kept them safe and brought them back in one piece after a very long two weeks, to very happy parents…Both swore they’d never eat chicken curry again;)
    Jony was just starting to get rolling in his online business, working as many hours as I did at the time. I asked him why he decided to spend so much time as an intern for a second year, when that time might be better used building his business? His response? He knew God was going to put him in charge of a great deal of money, and felt he needed this for his character….Phew. I just got schooled by my young son.
    So take heart Deb- we stand with you and Ken in prayer. and fully understand your difficulty in letting go like this; it is not easy as a parent. If God has called her to do this- she must do it, or lose out on what He has for her through it all.
    There is no question where she stands – her love for God is obvious in all she does. Therefore, if she goes out of obedience,( and it is better to obey, than sacrifice), then God Himself will go before her and prepare the way, ultimately for His Glory.
    I cant wait to hear the wonderful testimonies when she gets back;)
    Love ya!

    • Yes-you are exactly right–it is hard but we wouldn’t keep her from doing what God called her to do for anything!! I’m posting a lot this week and I hope to have updates from her!! Love you-give Deena a hug for me!!

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