Because Claire Sees God Better



Claire saw God today.

I was with her when it happened, but I would have missed Him if she hadn’t pointed Him out.

My Friend Claire - who I am sure made Jesus smile today!
My Friend Claire – who I am sure made Jesus smile today!

We all accompanied Sara to see an ultrasound of the new baby she, and my son, Jess, are expecting at Christmas.  Claire walked her three year old self into the exam room with a great big smile and wispy blond curls dancing around her face.  Sara pulled her up onto the exam table with her and the rest of us crowded in.

Claire’s baby brother, Jackson, practiced his new found ability to say “ball”, and Claire randomly made the mention of Jesus.

“Where does Jesus live?” Her mother, Amber, asked her.

“In our hearts!” Claire proclaimed without taking a breath or a moment to think.  I can’t help thinking of how much enjoyment Jesus was having as He heard that sweet voice – I’ll bet it sounded like beautiful music.

“Yes,” we all agreed – happy smiles all around at the unfolding of a little girl’s faith.  Truth wrapped up in the voice of innocence with pink crocs on her feet.  Such a sweet moment.

But a three year old moves in and out of moments quickly – and Claire was ready to see a picture of that baby.  So, we who were gathered, watched the monitor closely for a shadow that might look like the baby.

A spine appears gradually onto the screen – a foot , a head, a yawning mouth…and there he is…kicking and little, with perfect heart beating to the sound of his mother’s own heart.  The tiniest of fingers open in a wave to his mama.  Two miniature feet kick onto the screen as he readjusts himself into a more comfortable position.

Profile with head, nose and mouth.  He wasn't going to hold still long for anyone!
Profile with head, nose and mouth. He wasn’t going to hold still long for anyone!

It can be hard to differentiate baby on a gray ultrasound screen, but we saw him today, arms folded across chest, head tilted slightly.  One perfect child formed by a perfect God.

And in the excitement of our “oohs” and “ahhs” – one clear little 3 year old voice cried out in the dark room – “I see the baby!  I see baby Jesus!  I see the baby God!”  

And. She. Danced. In. Her. Chair! (Because how could you not if you’re looking at God?)

There was laughter in her voice – because who would be able to keep their wits about them if they were able to actually see Baby Jesus on a screen?  Hadn’t we just been talking about Him?

Hadn’t she just told us that He lives in our hearts?  Now here we were – through the wonders of modern medicine – with the unbelievable good fortune of seeing Him with our own eyes.  She probably wondered why we weren’t all jumping up and down, dancing with her.

We smiled and said how cute she was.  We told her she did see a baby – it was Aunt Sara and Uncle Jess’ baby – wasn’t it fun?

But the memory today, of those bobbing blonde curls and finger pointing at the screen has got me convinced that I am the one who didn’t really see.

That it was Claire who should’ve said back to us – “Oh I see the baby alright – but don’t you see Jesus?”

Because how could we ever have the opportunity to see, with human eyes, the miracles God calls forth when He forms us in our mother’s womb and not be convinced we have seen Him?

And there is something wrong with me if I ever begin to take for granted that we live in a time of medicine that allows us to lift the veil; to watch the Creator as He knits one tiny vertebrae after another, stringing them together to form a spine.

Don't ask him to hold still - he doesn't care if it looks like he has 2 noses and 8 fingers when he moves!  He's got important stuff going on!  DARLING!
Don’t ask him to hold still – he doesn’t care if it looks like he has 2 noses and 8 fingers when he moves! He’s got important stuff going on! DARLING!

What manner of gift has He given us, that He allows us to glimpse His Power this way?  He has chosen this time in history to pull back the curtain a little and give us a front row seat to His forming of not just a body – but a soul.

At His command, and in His hands, flesh comes to life and begins to beat in rhythm with his mother and the two are forever connected.

A reminder to us that He, Himself, is our beginning.

We are forever joined to Him, even as He allows us the living of our own lives – we are, and always will be connected to Him, our Creator and Father.  There are parts of us that science or logic will never be able to fill – Only the Designer knows what the longings of the heart need.

Because He formed our hearts – only He knows how to heal them.

Because He filled our lungs – anything but the Breath of Life, Himself, will leave us gasping.

And because He hand-formed each soul – the soul will always be uneasy until it finds its way back to peace in its Maker.

What a wondrous God to allow us to live in such a time as this.  Where we have the privilege to witness the process of hope as He weaves flesh and blood, spirit and soul, and presents us with the chance to pass down from one generation to the next – the greatness of His Name and the faithfulness of His love.

Oh, I saw the baby today — and as I did, I was, as usual, in awe of the way God works and forms us.

But today — today Claire pointed out to me on the monitor what should have been so obvious.

newborn fingers

In every bone and vessel – in his sweet face and clasping fingers – a revealing of God, Himself – right there on the screen – Life coursing through a perfectly formed baby with every beat of his Hand-made heart.  Hope in the form of a child.  Jesus on glorious display.

If only my vision were as good as Claire’s.

Thank you, Claire.   I should have jumped up and down and danced with you.









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    Debbie, your such a talented writer! This one made me have tears… beautiful…..and….CONGRATULATIONS!

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