(You Are His Delight)


“He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me.”

(Psalm 18:19)


Dearest Jennah,



When you were almost three, I found you sitting on your pink, ruffled comforter, in your pink, ruffle-y room, engrossed in a serious conversation on your plastic, pink telephone.  You were all girl – I believe your pink purse was sitting beside you – you did love that purse.  So I walked in to talk to you.


But, you “shushed” me.  Me!  Your mother – I’d been “shushed”! 


Obviously I did not leave the room quickly enough for you, because as I was standing there still trying to figure out whether to laugh or take the phone away from you,  you pointed your finger towards the door and firmly stated, “Shhhhh!  I’m talking to Jesus!”


pink phone

And, I believed you – so I turned around and walked out the door – no way was I going to interrupt that conversation.


When you were a teenager, being the night owl you are, I often went to bed earlier than you.  I can remember sometimes waking up around midnight to find light still shining from under your door.   More than once, I walked across the hall to scold you for being up so late when you had school in the morning.  And, while sometimes you were just up organizing for the next day, many more times I would burst through the door to find you sitting on your bed, Bible open, eyes closed in prayer.   


It was a stunning picture – you “talking to Jesus” – plastic pink phone long gone, but intimate conversations between the two of you growing stronger every year.  I would slowly tiptoe back out, try to close the door without disturbing you, and thank the Lord for His continued drawing of your heart towards His. 


Girl bible

I say this because I just know you have delighted His heart through the years.  Through easy times and hard, you have faithfully sought Him. 


I can just imagine the smile on His face all those years ago – tickled pink while He was talking to you on that pink phone.  A sweeter smile than we could ever imagine because, as He listened to your two year old babble, His heart already saw you holding the hands of orphans and walking on Ethiopian soil – ordained steps – He had them planned for you.  Who knows? He might have been telling you about it while you talked on the phone that day!


I pray today, as you take those steps He established , that you would be ever mindful of His joy in you.  I pray that you just feel wrapped in His delight.    


So, as you begin this week of tending to His little lambs, we pray this blessing over you:


“Barukh atah Adonai Elohim… ”   “Blessed are You, LORD, our God…”  “The Father to the fatherless…whose dwelling is holy…who places the lonely in families…and gives them joy.”(Ps. 68:5,6)  You are awesome in Your sanctuary, and we pray power and strength today for Jennah, Kelly, Carrie, and the entire group, as they finish travels, survey the work set before them, and begin ministering to children for Your Name’s sake.  We pray You will bring to them the children of Your heart, that You will provide for the needs of not just the children, but this staff of people, as they conduct medical and dental clinics, and bring news of You to hungry souls. 


Consecrate her every step, and call the ground holy, as You walk among them using human hands to complete heavenly work.  May they feel wrapped in Your delight.


And, I know You understand a mother’s begging, so bring her back to us – bring her home, Lord, please just bring her home.”


With Much Love and Blessing, For His Greater Good,


From Your Extremely Proud Mother, Who Loves Your Heart For God





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  1. September 14

    Oh, Debbie, you must get this in book form for the whole world to read. The compilation of all of these letters will confirm all TRUTH that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is for REAL and He will be there for whom-so-ever may call on HIM. I’m anxiously awaiting your letter you have for us tomorrow. Love, Ethel…blessings…

    • You are so kind–thank you so much for your encouraging words! I am so blessed to just be able to share what I have seen God do in Jennah’s life. God is so good and He has such great plans in this trip. Much love to you!!

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