I got to text with Jennah yesterday!!  She says she is just soaking up all the sights and sounds.  The call to prayer began on Sunday at 5:00 a.m. – she said it rang throughout the town and sounded beautiful.  Church on Sunday was such a moving experience – again, loved it.

Donkeys are everywhere evidently!  They went to the orphanage yesterday and held babies all day and played with them (not allowed to take pictures of them, though).  She said they laid on the floor next to the children with special needs and just comforted them — she loved being there.

She let this silly boy take pictures of himself with her phone.
She let this silly boy take pictures of himself with her phone.


Two of the girls on the team have been sick the whole time – Jennah says they have not complained once and one even says, “I’m just so blessed, so blessed…” every time she gets sick.  That is some kind of sweet countenance, I think!   Pray for recovery – they so want to minister.

Pray for strength for the rest of the team to have health throughout the trip.

Wisdom for the doctors that they would be able to accurately diagnose problems.

Spiritual wisdom for the team that others would come to know Him, and they would see the love of the Father through them.

Thank you – all of you!!



(The God Who Sees)


“Then she (Hagar) called the name of the Lord who spoke to her,

“You are a God who sees…” 

(Genesis 16:13)



My Dearest, Darlingest (Mumsie and Popsicle) Jennah, (with a nod to Glinda from the play, Wicked),

Broadway Play Wicked
Broadway Play Wicked

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  I see you shaking your head at me, with an eye-rolling or two.

I can’t really see you shaking your head – I just know you well enough that I can, in my mind, see your smile, and your eyes, and your shaking head.  (But God did see it, and I’m sure He smiled).

Because He is the God who sees.  The end from the beginning, the last and the first, the blessed and the needy.  And His vision is so sharp, so complete – so all-encompassing.

I’m not sure if this is the time you will be gathering children for medical clinics, or for VBS…but I know that as you go about the town or the village that your eyes will see things that will jar your heart.  I know you will want to fix all of the brokenness.

Road to orphanage
Road to orphanage

I know that you are going to wish you could have stuffed more things in your suitcase for those in need.  It will be hard on you, and I feel like there might be times when your heart will just feel desperate and at a loss for words to describe the emotions.

I pray it comforts you to know that “the God who sees” walks with you today.  And His sight cuts right through what is visible and straight to what is invisible.  He “sees” wholly, with completeness, that which you can see, and that which you cannot see.

And sometimes, the best thing we can cling to is the knowledge that He sees more than we understand.

And because He does, He knows.  He knows the pain of little children with no parents.  So He sent you for a little while to give them a glimpse of Him.  I can’t wait to see the pictures of the children clamoring to hold and be held.

I know these sights are going to change your sight forever.

Church in Ethiopia
Church in Ethiopia

The witness of the poverty of body and heart can’t help but stir up a transforming inside.  And when you come home, you will still see in your heart, the faces that you touched and the hands that you held.  I love that about you.

I think they will be like smiles planted in your heart. 

And at the same time, you will also be a smile planted in the heart of a child whose life was touched by yours. 

I am in awe of your bravery.

So we pray this blessing over you today:

“Barukh atah Adonai Elohim… ”   “Blessed are You, LORD, our God…”  The God Who Sees.  El Roi.  Whose vision is whole and encompasses all.  We pray Your continued protection over Jennah and the group today as they try to see through Your eyes, into the depths of need in little faces.

“Let the children see You, Lord, through Jennah’s eyes, let them see peace and calm, and acceptance so that they feel loved.  Let them hear the messages of who You are in the Bible stories that are read to them and Scriptures being taught.  Hide Your words in their hearts so that, long after this group is home, the children will still be able to call on Your words.  

“Thank You for seeing completely the needs and desires of the workers and the children, and for Your constant provision for all of them.  Your Name is mighty, Your works are good, and You see so well – You see so well.

“And because no blessing is complete without some pleading from me – I beg You on my knees today, Lord – keep her safe from harm or illness, and please – bring her home — just bring her home.”


With Much Love and Blessing, For His Greater Good,

 Your Mom, Who has really gone into withdrawal since I haven’t been able to talk to you 2-3 times a day!!  (But, hey, you make your sacrifices of leaving the boys, traveling through danger, landing in SUDAN!, driving over muddy roads to lay with orphans who need a touch from God, and doing without the comforts of home to bring the message of Jesus —– and I’ll make my sacrifices of not getting to talk to you several times a day — we all have our lot in life…(I might need to re-examine my surrender to sacrifice, huh?)  I love you so much – your heart for God inspires change in others (me).

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