At first she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it, until she realized she had come to serve and this would be just that opportunity.

So she did it – and she described it in a text to me as humbling, and exactly what she needed to do.

She washed 40 little orphan heads with lice.  

Hair wash on mission trip
Hair wash on mission trip

I’ll let her tell you, “And the first little head I washed, I knew it was what He needed me to do.  These precious babies have never had their hair washed.  They were begging for us to wash their hands, and faces, and feet.  It was just humbling.”  

And I had pictures in my mind of Jesus kneeling at Peter’s feet, after Peter did not want the Lord to wash His feet…and Jesus told him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with me.”  To which Simon Peter replied, “Lord, then wash not only my feet, but my  hands and head.” (John 13:8-9)  

Because once we realize we can be clean – don’t we want to be clean all over?  And the only way to BE clean is allowing Jesus to wash us?

And when we serve, “the least of these…” – it’s really Him we serve. 

I texted her back and asked her if she recognized Jesus’ feet while she was washing them today?  I wonder if, as she was washing little heads and feet, any of them had the faint outline of nail scars barely visible – because they were there – even if she didn’t see them. 

Nail-scarred feet
Nail-scarred feet

So today I have prayed that the Lord would bring to me a chance to serve — out of nowhere – just let me serve You, Jesus – let me be You for someone else today.  


(Good Byes)


“Let not your heart be troubled; believe in Me…

I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare

A place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself.”

(John 14:2,3)


My Dearest Jennah, My Daughter, Confidant, Best friend, Wise Counsel, Partner in Crime,


Learning to say good-bye is a vital life lesson.  Not everyone learns it, but everyone should.


There is absolutely nothing on this earth that will last forever.   “Good-bye” always leads to “hello” for a different season in life.  And it’s God who walks us in and out of the seasons.  

Sometimes those changes are good – like new schools for college students, or new jobs, or new relationships.  Sometimes they are not so good – like learning to live here without someone we love.

Each good-bye prepares us for the next one.  And we learn to make it through good-byes because we experience so fully the completeness of Christ in each season He brings us through.  

If we never learn to say good-bye – we might tragically miss an opportunity God has for us.  When He brings us to an ending point – He is bringing us to a starting point.


And I know today will probably be bittersweet.  To say good-bye to new friends who feel like family.  To have to leave behind orphans and wonder how they will do without you.  To have to leave a work there, that perhaps feels unfinished because it could never be finished, as long as there are parentless children. 

They are fixed now, in your heart and soul, these faces that God destined to be within your care.  And you are different now, because of them. 

Wiser now.  Soberly committed, I am sure, to praying for those you leave behind today.  Your arms might even ache for them again, once you are back home.

I am sure the children will flock all around you girls – lots of little hands trying to grasp one last hug, or touch…just so they can go to sleep at night dreaming of the glory of being held in your arms.  We can only guess how those memories might sustain them through the years.  And you – sustain you.

But, it is almost time for our hellos again, and I can tell you there are people here who cannot WAIT!  A father might (MIGHT!) be able to rest an entire night.  I know for sure, a brother and sister-in-law will breathe much easier, knowing you are on American soil again.  And the little guy, your nephew, Max – he doesn’t know it yet – but he’s going to be REAL happy when he is born, to find that Aunt Jennah is here. 

Three boys will grab you and hold you, probably grasping and reaching just so they can feel you again, like the children in Ethiopia.  And your husband, of course, him –  thankful and grateful to have his wife home in his arms again.

The Family
The Family

So – good-byes – they can be hard, but in Christ – there is always the Hope of seeing loved ones again.  This time next year, maybe you take one of us with you – so that we can meet these children who are now firmly stamped on your heart. 

 And we pray this blessing over you as you say good-bye:

 “Barukh atah Adonai Elohim… ”   “Blessed are You, LORD, our God…”  The God who holds time in His hands.  We pray comfort over children today, who will be saying good-bye to hugs and kisses that have made them feel human, and loved again.  We pray Your protection over them as this team leaves them behind.  Thank You for giving Jennah the love for helping the needy, the destitute, the parentless…the child in the street.  Bless her friend, Carrie, who along with her family, began this ministry to fulfill Your command to help the fatherless.”    

“And, Lord, if, in the future, You call Jennah and Jaafar to open their doors, and their hearts, to a little Ethiopian child – if You have a grandchild in mind for us through this ministry in coming years…then I beg You, Lord, from the bottom of my heart – bring them home – bring them home to us.”



With Much Love and Blessings, For His Greater Good,

 From Your Mom, who is so overwhelmed with God’s work in your life, I can’t wait to hear every word – EVERY WORD! of what He did for you this week!!  



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