Truly – life would be so much easier if the people around us would just change, wouldn’t it?  

And if they would listen to us – we could help them in so many areas – seriously, people, just listen!


Frustrating, isn’t it, to know the “best” way for something to be done, only to have that person do it another way — even after we have obviously shown them the “best” solution?  


It wears me out.  

Which is probably at the crux of the matter – because trying to change others doesn’t change them, or us – it just saps all of our strength.

All our hearts
All our hearts

Because something, or someone, can only be truly changed at the core of the heart.

And I don’t have access to anyone’s heart.

I might influence someone’s heart.  The people I love, and who love me, our hearts are bound and connected, but only my heart is truly mine.  

I answer for only this heart before God – it is offered as a gift to Him — but I cannot offer someone else’s heart – only they can do that.

We have responsibilities as parents to ground our children in Him and teach them of Him, but the decision to allow Him access to their hearts comes only from them.  

And only the Maker of hearts knows the intention of each.  Only the One who fashioned it inside the womb of its mother, knows what will compel it, draw it, heal it, enable it to become all He dreamed it could be.  

And so, the ability to change anyone else is lost to me — I am not strong enough, wise enough, deep enough or wide enough to grasp the workings of another’s heart.  

I don’t know the journeys of other hearts – I just know the journey of mine.  My heart pines after True Love, unwavering acceptance, complete forgiveness, holy wholeness…I can’t even come close to getting that for myself, let alone being that for anyone else.  

So, the only logical prayer – since mortal hearts are so insufficient in themselves – is “Lord, change me.”  

When doubt or worry sets in – “Lord, change me.”

When anger or frustration overtakes – “Lord, change me.”

When the pain is buried so deep we don’t even want to go looking for it – “Lord, change me.”

When I impatiently wish the cashier could hurry things up, or the bank teller be faster, or the irritating person in front of me driving so slowly – “Lord, change me.”  

Seriously, move to the right lane!
Seriously, move to the right lane!

When I’m trying to get my way in a situation, because it is obvious to everyone that I am right — “Lord, change me.”

When faith needs to be stronger and God didn’t answer the way I wanted – “Lord, change me.”  

Three little words – easy to say over and over again.

Change - the essence of life.  Be willing to change what you are, for what you could become.
Change – the essence of life. Be willing to change what you are, for what you could become.

I’m making it my constant prayer, and keeping record the next four weeks – join me if you want to – “Lord, change me.”  

Let’s just see what kinds of miracles happen in 4 weeks time.

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  1. September 26

    Debbie, I really am blessed by your articles but have had problems with my email changes. I now have Cox instead of ATT. Hopefully it will be straightened out before long.

    The James Initative Missionary Letters were all exellent. I’m so happy Jennah is back home and that her trip was successful. Blessings to all…Love , Ethel

  2. Carolyn Ringler
    September 27

    Thank you for sharing “Change Me” it really hit the mark! So many times I get frustrated with things and I know it only hurts me not them.
    Bless you,

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