He spoke three times over His Son, audibly-for all to hear, as any Father would.

golden hour

It’s not an unusual thing. Parents speak over their children daily.

We speak knowledge so they learn the mechanics of life.

We speak encouragement so they learn worth in life.

We speak Jesus so they desire Him in life.

We pray over and for them, seeking wisdom in the words that we choose. Ever conscious of the weight the words carry.

We forget, sometimes, the magnitude of the consequence of words ill spoken. We forget they have the power to strengthen – or damage.

Parent holding hand

I felt that power deep as a teenager when I overheard my mother speak my name.  I paused, because I was not in the room, and she was not talking to me.

“She is so much help to me, so dependable.  The older she gets, the more fun we have together.”  My mother thinks I’m  helpful?  She has fun with me?  And just like that, the way I viewed her, and myself, began to evolve and form into the strong relationship it is today.

She saw something in me I did not see.

I learned that day the value of a child overhearing a parent speak highly of them.

She was not speaking to me—she was speaking well of me to someone else.

It made such an impression that when I had children of my own, I would make sure I spoke kindness to them, but also kindness of them to others. Loud enough for my children to overhear.

Love spoken from a parent calls a child’s heart home.



Home to a place deep within, built with the memories of devotion, honor, wisdom. A safe place in which to retreat when the onslaught of life is too much. A place to remember where we came from, who we are.

Words of a parent hold such significance. We learn that from The Father who spoke audibly three times in Jesus’ life – at His baptism, during His ministry, and the days before He called Him home.

There was constant communion between the Father and Son – so words resounding through the heavenlies were meant to fall on human ears.


Jesus baptism

This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.”(Matt 3:17)    

A Father revealing His love and pleasure – a Son reveling in His Father’s words.  I wonder, did His voice ring through the souls of the crowd gathered that day as they lay their heads down that night?  Did the voice of God – acknowledging the Son of God – thunder loudly deep down in their souls? I wonder how many sleep eluded that night – replaying the scene over and over in their minds?

Jesus and friends

The second time, Luke 9:35, God reveals to Peter, John and James, “This is My Son. My Chosen One; listen to Him.”

And while we do not hear it audibly – The Father’s voice still resonates through human hearts – “Listen to Him.  LISTEN to Him.  Listen to HIM!”

the Last Supper

The last time The Father spoke was in Jesus’ last days as He tried to explain His death was near.

“Now my soul has become troubled; what shall I say, ‘Father, save Me from this hour?’  But for this purpose I came to this hour.  Father glorify Your name.”

“There came therefore a voice out of heaven. ‘I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.’” John 12:27,28.

Heaven could not keep silent while the Lamb prepared for sacrifice. A word of comfort uttered to the Word made flesh.  A Father reassuring that He will glorify His name through The Father calling The Son back home.

The Name of the Lord glorified through all time up until this hour-Now glorified again through a cross and an empty tomb.

hammer and nails

He could have gone back home any way He wanted. But He went back the brutal way – so that we don’t have to.

thorns and hammer

He took the way marked by torn flesh, and the path, stained with blood drops, all the way from Pilate’s court, up a hill outside the city, past a victorious grave and straight into the depths of a believer’s heart where the red covers all the black – and now The Father sees only the Son’s white.

On this Wednesday before Easter – the Lamb was sold out.


Handed over, not just for silver, but out of fear and anger.  Not just for coins, but out of misconception.

In his own mind, Judas had already pictured how this King should be amassing His Kingdom.  Hadn’t they been waiting and hoping for a Messiah who would conquer the Romans and usher in God’s Kingdom?  Hadn’t they been watching and expecting a Savior who could elevate them to their rightful position?

So Judas did what so many of us do, he took things into his own hands when God did not meet his expectations.  

Because the human heart thinks only in terms of the human – we forget the Divine has ways we are too limited to understand.

But for Jesus But for Jesus – we are all just a hair’s breadth away from selling out to our own expectations and desires.


This day of betrayal – we weep, but rejoice – we bow at holy feet with scars in them – and we are humbled once again, by a Savior whose heart was more troubled by our destiny than His pain.

He sees something in us we cannot see. He speaks kindness to us and He speaks kindness of us to His Father.

Like His Father beckoned Him home, heaven calls deep within us, and the sound of the Lord’s voice, “I AM the Way…Child,” calling us safely home where our heart belongs.

Go home…go home…and if you get lost — follow the blood drops — He left them there so we could find our Way.

thorns and blood

The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many.” Matt.20:28

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