When the world gets ugly…

When changes aren’t good..

When innocence is exposed to evil…

When weariness is a constant companion and discouragement sets in…

It is good to remember what the Psalmist said in Psalm 89:8,13…

“Where is there anyone as mighty as you, O Lord?

You are entirely faithful…

Powerful is your arm!  Strong is your hand!”

God's Grip

Because His Hand covers our failings – and uncovers His glory in us.

His Hand:Heals our frailtiesSeals our EternityMolds our characterEnfolds as our Protector

His Hand knits…and creates…and develops in us – what His heart has already imagined for us.

His Hand comforts…and guards…restores…and redeems

.forgiveness painting

And just when we think we have seen too much of the enemy, or made too many mistakes, or given up thinking the best…His Hand reaches from the glory of the heavenlies, places itself under our chins to lift them up, raises our eyes from what troubles us, and allows us to gaze into the eyes of the One who knew us before we were born.

lifter of head

Because only the One who created us knows us well enough to understand what we need to be made whole again.   He knew that we could not heal our own wounds.

StarsThat same Hand that flung stars into the night sky That fashioned the solar systemThat painted the sunsets – and split a Red Sea

That covered Moses in the cleft of the rock – that started a fire in a bush in the desert – that wrote His Law on stone – that raised up leaders and brought down Pharaohs – that knocked Paul off his horse on his way to Damascus – that stretched itself out onto a wooden beam that was carved from a tree that He Himself made…

That same Hand – has a firm Holy grip on ours — and lifts and uplifts…and will. not. let. go.  And it does us good to remember that when we are tired or downtrodden or burdened.

The strength is not in how strongly we hold onto Him – It’s all Him…He’s GOT us…and He’s not letting go.


And the scar in the middle of that palm?  That’s where our name is engraved.



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Wife, mother, grandmother...Writer, teacher, Lover of the Word. In a constant state of being amazed by His forgiveness and kindness. Even after knowing Him for almost 50 years - His Grace surprises and refreshes. His Mercies are new every morning.

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