Things I’d Want My Grandsons to Know About “Fifty Shades of Grey” if They Were Old Enough

“The LORD Himself watches over you!

 The Lord stands beside you as your protective Shade.” Ps. 121:5


Dear Jaxson, Jantzen, Jett, and Max,



There is a phenomena going on right now in this crazy, “I can’t believe we have gotten to this point – I’m so scared for my grandsons” kind of world.

If you were old enough to understand, you would have heard all the hype concerning a series of books, and newly released movie (I’m so thankful for your parents and their vigilance to turn inappropriate commercials off!)

The previews and interviews tell me all I need to know.  It reeks of self-serving control – dark control where pleasure comes through the pain of another, all rooted in an empty heart that was itself abused.

empty heart

I worry that we open a dangerous door when we explore inflicting real pain as an accepted model for love.

And we are mistaken if we think there won’t be those who will misuse and misapply what they see – perhaps at the expense of someone else.

This movie? It is shady business — and it’s dangerous business for all of us.  Because what one generation compromises on, often becomes the next generations “normal”.

It saddens me to imagine what will be seared into the precious innocence of your hearts as you get older.

What used to be delegated to darker, hidden places – is now being flaunted defiantly, and without regard for the truth – or the danger that lurks behind the fraudulent glamour of Hollywood.

It’s intent is to entice you into thinking love is something that it is not.

Or maybe I should say, his intent…because there is a very real force behind these delusions…and this enemy…his absolute mission in life is to so distort God’s perfect “love plan” that you won’t be able to tell what is true from what is not.

He works hard at this – because if he can cause doubt to rise in your soul — he can talk you into anything.

If he can convince you that Your Maker is disappointed or uninterested in you  — he can convince you to find approval somewhere else.

If he can establish in your mind that your Creator has abandoned you during trials and storms – he can crown you “Supreme” and seat you on a “throne of control” in your life.  That enemy will have you vowing to never let anything or anyone have the power to hurt you again.

tsar's throne

If he can brainwash your spirit into believing that you are unworthy, or unaccepted, or unwanted – he will crush the life out of you until you accept only the dishonoring, only the degrading, only the demeaning because that is all the shameful deserve.

He will numb you.  He will deaden you to the shock of the ugly…and perhaps his dirtiest trick of all – convince you that it’s not that big a deal.

Then, with a wave of his deceptive hand, he will proudly present a feast before you.

A banquet of cheap choices that he, “cross my heart and hope to die,” promises will deliver complete fulfillment and you will be satisfied – and gratified.

crossed fingers

He is such a good liar — so good that we have all believed him at one point or another in our lives.

There isn’t a person alive or dead who escapes this world without confronting personal pain or embarrassment  from taking him up on his bluff.

Which is why, my beloved boys, I pray like a desperate, crazy person – on my knees, on my face, with every breath — that you will be so bound to Truth that you will not be fooled by a lie.

That when Fifty Shades of enticement – masquerading as love – come knocking — you answer them with Fifty Shades of GRACE.

grace changes

“Grace treats us like we already are what we fear we will never be.”  Beth Moore

GRACE is the game-changer, my precious boys…

GRACE fills emptiness, and obliterates the need to degrade.

GRACE floods with forgiveness, GRACE hastens to heal.

It chooses sacrifice over control, and GRACE — GRACE looks for ways to stop the pain, not cause the pain.

GRACE doesn’t hold a hand over you to stifle you – GRACE helps you get your footing so you walk tall.

GRACE does not dole out punishment — GRACE took your punishment.

GRACE WASHES FEET…boys…He washes feet...

feet washing

GRACE doesn’t chain  –  GRACE walked Himself up a hill with a cross on His back, “crossed His heart and Hoped to die” for you – then chained HIMSELF to it with nails.  And the only secret room GRACE needed had a big stone rolled across the door – and even IT could not keep Him bursting forth New.

grace 2

My precious boys — GRACE made you for a life so much bigger than yourselves.

You have royal blood in your veins – you are princes of the King.  And I pray protection over your eyes and hearts, and wisdom for your minds.  I pray you allow Grace to mold you and form you into strong leaders that honor God and the women He brings into your lives.  I pray that as you grow older – and are more aware of the ugly side of life – you will keep your gaze fixed on the beauty of Grace.  Grace, Himself, will provide everything you need.

Because for every Shade of Grey – there is a perfect Shade of Grace.


With Much Love,
















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