“You enlarge my steps under me, and my feet have not slipped.” (2Sam: 22:37)


I climbed Karen’s Steps last weekend…

I planted one strong foot in front of the other and lifted my own self up to the higher step.

Karen's Steps
Karen’s Steps

That might not be any big deal to you…

I know not many of us go around delighted with ourselves that we can climb a step.

BUT…I am telling you, that Saturday

Before I got to walk through Karen’s front door and hug women I have grown, prayed, and done Bible STudy with.

Before I got to see how beautifully the hostesses had worked their magic, yet once again, on bridal shower decorations.

Before the Bride-to-be came floating down the hallway in her heels and perfect polka dotted skirt, with her precious Mama (whom I love with all my heart).

Before all that — I climbed a step and the Lord stopped me on it.

Right there – in the brilliance of the mid-day, standing on a step balancing 5 dozen Gi-Gi’s cupcakes in my hands — and He sent chills all through me.

He reminded me – the last time I walked “Karen’s Steps” – five years ago – I couldn’t do it alone…because chemo saps strength and weakens bodies.  I had been determined, however, because my sweetest of friends, my sister in heart…was about to celebrate her daughter, Lana, at a bridal shower.

Months of treatment had already taken enough from me – it was NOT going to take my only opportunity to attend Lana’s bridal shower.  I had been given the distinct privilege of a front row seat, through the years, as God, and her parents, grew her from childhood cuteness to amazing godly woman.  No medicine was going rob me of that seat at her shower.

It’s a precious gift — to hold the hands of friends, to watch their children grow, to watch God work in theirs, and their brother’s, lives…

Cara and Lana
Cara and Lana

So, like a video in my soul, God replayed that scene five years ago, when I tried to climb “Karen’s Steps”.  My husband carefully hanging onto me as we took one step – rested – took another step.  Him all strong and protective – me all hunched over, mostly hairless, looking 90 years old.

Halfway up, the front door opened, and friends came out to meet us, fussing over us – helping us.  I felt hands lifting, supporting, loving us up those steps, over the threshold, into a chair where I could enjoy the celebration of two lives getting ready to become one family.

The Bride-to-be that day was the sister of this day’s Bride-to-be — and isn’t that just like Jesus to bring us full circle, entwined with hearts of the people we love?

To plant in my mind the importance of friendships that have seen the best of us, and the worst of us – and yet they remain unbreakable?

So – there I stood, Saturday, on “Karen’s Steps” – five years later, eager to celebrate the fabulous Cara, (who has become an awesome, godly woman in her own right) – and I could have run quickly up all of those steps without any help at all — until He stopped me.

The sun shone warm while memories played deep, as the Almighty flooded my soul, “I healed you, Child.  I. Healed. You.”


I could not move for just a moment — frozen — with cupcakes in hand.  I stood mesmerized in Truth, then giggling in the joy of it – OUT LOUD – like a crazy woman, I said, “Yes You did, Lord.  Yes. You. Did.”

Every step after that became a proclamation – “You are Faithful God…You are good…You have sustained…You have rescued…You have blessed.”

Each one of those steps a testimony:

When all is well – He is Lord — and He is worthy of all glory and praise.

When all is NOT well – He is Lord — and He is worthy of all glory and praise.

And I just enjoyed a God-moment right there on a step.

Overwhelmed by His attention to detail and the delight He takes in showing off…

To have been my Strength so that I could enjoy this girl on HER day…

Lana and Ty
Lana and Ty

And then, to have been my Praise as I enjoyed this girl on HER day.

Cara and Ryan
Cara and Ryan

I say all that to say — in the frantic chaos that life can sometimes be — I pray “Karen’s Steps” for you.

I pray you have a place, or person, or time…that the LORD grips you to remind you, “See this, Child? I did a work here – remember?”

Water-walking Faith
Water-walking Faith

I pray for you a “Stop dead in your tracks, chills up your spine, overwhelming, water-walking, love-filling, tear-spilling” moment in time, when Truth stamps on your heart the memory of His Touch.

I pray for an imprinting of His Hand in your life that you can go back over to, over the years, and hear Him whisper, “Remember, Child?”  And you can respond, “Yes I do, Lord…Yes. I. Do.”

It’s like a gift you just keep opening…“You are faithful..You are good…You have sustained…You have rescued…You have blessed.”

I pray He plants a memory of a miracle so powerful that only HE could accomplish it – and that you reminisce over it throughout your life — and never forget it.

I pray people around you who fuss over you, encourage you, lift you, guide you, and walk for you when you are too weak to walk.

women praying

Striking glory moments – I pray them for you – then I pray you inscribe them on your heart.

I think, last Saturday, He just DELIGHTED in ensuring that the bridal showers of two of my favorite women will always be markers in my life of the work of His Hand.  I think He was just tickled with Himself.

I do not think it was a coincidence that, the ONE who establishes my steps, brought me back to those same steps… 

…Now “Karen’s Steps” are a holy remembering place for me.

I pray that for you.

I pray for you, a revealing of His work, that is ever branded on your heart.

I pray He knocks you over with His attention to detail.

I pray for you – sweetness of the King in your trials – and a grateful heart in His blessings.

I pray…

…in your hurting and in your healing…

…in your questioning and in your answers…

…in your crying out and in your lifting up…

Karen's Steps
Karen’s Steps

I pray the gift of “Karen’s Steps” for you.  

“Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty expanse.  Praise Him for His mighty deeds;  Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!”  (Ps. 150:2)





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