There will be waving of palms – if not in our hands, in our hearts – this day as we celebrate the Lamb’s arrival for sacrifice so many years ago.

Hosanna’s ring out as eager hands reach towards Salvation riding in on the back of a donkey.
We know now what the adoring crowd back then did not...what they expected in a King was so much less than what He had planned.
Palms waved in great expectation that day. The King had come to establish His kingdom. The air hung thick with excitement…expectation…Hope. They had waited so long for a Deliverer.

Christ on donkey

And He was here – it’s just that they thought they would be delivered from oppression when He had it in His heart to deliver them from the Oppressor.

It started out to be such a magnificent week — tragically, things can turn on a dime…or 30 pieces of silver.

These next seven days would carry glory, but not before confusion and interrogation.

Glory would most definitely break through, but not before foot washings and lashings…kisses and denials.
Glory would come only after the worst of humanity had been revealed and a Father turned His face.
And then…as for most of us…through the blackest nights and the loudest silence…Glory would shake the earth, pierce darkness with a blinding Light, and redeem what was His in the first place.
This coming week, a Lamb will cleanse a temple – and our hearts – of the evil lurking within; this week silver will buy a sacrifice; Bread will be broken and Blood will be spilled. The most unlikely of all will deny rescue for Himself to provide rescue for the most undeserving.
And today, this Sunday of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem…as hearts cry, “Hosanna” – a choice must be made.

easter lamb
It begins with the choosing of the lamb, as Moses was told so many years ago — on that Sabbath before the first Passover.

“Each man is to take a lamb for his household…without defect or blemish. Care for it before it is to be slaughtered at twilight (on Passover).” {Ex. 12:3,6}

Flocks were inspected.  Lambs without blemish led from the field to individual homes, given extra care this week, in the center of the family.  It rose and it slept with the family…those few days giving each member a chance to become personally attached. The lamb was no longer just any lamb – it was their lamb.
So the decision must be made for ourselves this week…is He just a Lamb? Or is He OUR Lamb, perfect, unblemished…willing to allow His blood to be spilled out so that ours can be washed clean.

It is personal…He is personal…this week is our salvation — Hosanna…Glory to my God in the highest.

“HOSANNA!” Not just a cry of “God save us.”

“HOSANNA!” An exclamation – a recognition – My Salvation is here!

Praying for His revealing in our lives as we remember and honor the Lamb who gave His life for ours.

Much love to all of you.

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